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Financial Journal  Vol. 12 No.4  2020

DOI: 10.31107/2075-1990-2020-4

Topic of the Issue: Financing Sustainable Development in Russia and Worldwide



Climate Policy

Zh.A. Mingaleva
Institutional Features of International Financing for Climate Change Adaptation Programs ..... 10 - 25

I.A. Yakovlev, L.S. Kabir, S.I. Nikulina
Climate Policy of the Russian Federation: International Cooperation and National Approach
 ..... 26 - 36

E.P. Fedorova
Role of the State in the Resolution of Green Finance Development Issues
 ..... 37 - 51


Mechanisms and Tools for Green Economy Development

S.V. Doroshenko, A.D. Mingaleva
Carbon Exchanges: European Experience in Developing the Mechanism of Emission Permit Trading ..... 52 - 68

V.N. Rutskiy, M.V. Osipenko
Green Economy as a Labor Productivity Factor in the Manufacturing Industry of European Union Countries
 ..... 69 - 84

I.P. Dovbiy, A.N. Degterenko, V.V. Kobilyakova
“New Industrialization” in Russia as a Factor in the Transition to a Green Economy ..... 85 - 100


Investments in Sustainable Development

I.I. Prosvirina, N.S. Dovbiy
Selection of Sources of Traditional and Green Financing for the Best Available Techniques ..... 101 - 116

E.O. Vostrikova, A.P. Meshkova
ESG Criteria in Investment: Foreign and Russian Experience
 ..... 117 -129

Scientific periodical

ISSN 2658-5332