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Financial Journal  Vol. 13  No. 2  2021

DOI: 10.31107/2075-1990-2021-2

Topic of the Issue: International and Country Specifics of Participatory Budgeting Development



Participatory Budgeting

V.V. Vagin, E.S. Shugrina
The Role of Participatory Budgeting in Forming an Ecosystem of Civic Participation in State and Municipal Governance ..... 9 - 24

G. Allegretti, M. Bassoli, G. Colavolpe
On the Verge of Institutionalisation? Participatory Budgeting Evidence in Five Italian Regions ..... 25 - 45

T.I. Vinogradova
Participatory Budgeting as a Tool Contributing to the Achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals ..... 46 - 60

N.G. Lukyanova
Saint Petersburg Experience of Participatory Budgeting ..... 61 - 69

E.M. Mrachek, I.V. Valyushitskaya
The Role of Project Centers in the Development of Participatory Budgeting: The Practice of the Krasnoyarsk Territory ..... 70 - 82

N.G. Ivanova, V.A. Fedosov
Goal Setting of Youth Practices of Participatory Budgeting ..... 83 - 92

Intergovernmental Fiscal Relations

M.V. Milchakov
Implementation of Regional Development Priorities Under the Conditions of the COVID Pandemic ..... 93 - 113

V.V. Bukharsky
Fiscal Decentralisation and Incentives of Local Authorities in the Russian Federation ..... 114 - 129

Scientific periodical

ISSN 2658-5332