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Financial Journal  Vol. 12 No.3  2020

DOI: 10.31107/2075-1990-2020-3



Monetary Policy

M.Yu. Malkina, I.A. Moiseev
Endogeneity of Money Supply in the Russian Economy in the Context of the Monetary Regime Change ..... 8

Intergovernmental Fiscal Relations

M.V. Milchakov
Execution of National Projects in Regions Under the Conditions of Countering the Coronavirus Pandemic ..... 28

Tax Policy

I.V. Kiviko, N.I. Malis
Tax Potential of the Republic of Crimea ..... 48

Initiative Budgeting

V.V. Derbeneva, E.A. Zakharchuk, A.F. Pasynkov
Development of Initiative Budgeting in the Regions of the Russian Federation 
(Exemplified by the Sverdlovsk Region)
 ..... 60

Insurance Market

D.V. Bryzgalov, Ju.V. Gryzenkova, A.A. Tsyganov
Prospects for Digitalization of the Insurance Business in Russia ..... 76

Banking System

L.A. Petrova T.E. Kuznetsova
Digitalization in the Banking Industry: Digital Transformation of Environment and Business Processes ..... 91

Regulation of External Debt

S.A. Perekhod
Macroeconomic Stability and Microprudential Regulation of Russia’s Foreign Corporate Debt ..... 102

Efficiency of Public Administration

N.D. Hurmuz
Performance Management in the Public Sector: Opportunities for Syria  ..... 125

Scientific periodical

ISSN 2658-5332